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 We stock 1000's of rolls of carpet, a wide variety of vinyl in sheet and plank and other flooring products.

We run specials all the time! Are lowest price special is $499.95 for 360sf(40sy) installed with pad! That is $12.50/sy ($1.39/sf) for carpet, pad and install. Examples of our special are the following colors.



Our midrange special is $699.95 for 360sf (40sy) installed with pad. This special includes carpets such as the following are on that special.




We currently have a roll of carpet which is 16 Foot wide and it is on sale for on our $499 special that is Carpet, pad and installation for $1.39/sf or $12.50/sy.




We also have higher end carpet on special we have some that is our $999.95 through $1299.95. The special is for 360sf or 40sy installed with pad. That price is broke down and based on your yardage so if you had three room that were 12x10 each you could have all three rooms installed with pad for the price of the special. A few of the carpets in that range are the following.



We have lots of rolls of sheet vinyl and most of it runs $.99/sf or $8.91/sy this is great flooring for kitchens and baths. Our stock prices are a great saving of about 50% from ordering.



Carpet Warehouse Outlet is located at 3000 Leavitt Rd. in Lorain, Ohio 44052. For more information call (440) 960-1199 or email us at homeinteriors@centurytel.net. Our fax is (440) 960-2533.

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